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Synonyms should have its own node



I think I have pointed to this in an early beta.
The Synonyms should have its own node like all the other main-types in the tree.
Please see the snippet.




Hi Andre,

In DB explorer, there’s a synonym node under each object type instead of a separate Synonyms node for everything like in DB Nav tree. However, I have added your enhancement request into our list. Thanks.



Hi Gwen,
hope you had a good start into the new week :slight_smile:

something in addition came into my mind.
In TOAD there is a node for “Invalid Objects” under these node appears all currently invalid tagged objects.
I do think this is an really good and idea for the SQLNavi as well, isn’t it?
Could you open en ER for this too please?

Warm Regards


Sure thing, Andre.


Well, now I can say - my monday’s start was pretty good :slight_smile:
Thank you!


Hi Andre,

I found out that there’s actually a synonym node for all the synonyms in the schema. The node is not on the same level as other objects such as Procedures, packages, etc. but it resides under the OTHER node. Is it good enough for you or do you prefer it to be on the same level as the other one?



Hi Gwen,

because synonyms are separate object types (with a special meaning),
they (at least from my view) should have their own node at the same level like all the other object
types has.
A place under “other” seem not to be appropriate.
Therefore please make it like it is in the 5.5x.



I understand, Andre. In the mean time, you can always bring up DB Navigator tree (F12) and use it just like 5.5.



Hi Andre,

Since DB Explorer is part of Code Editor, we divided all database objects into two categories: those that can be opened/used in the editor (tables, views, procedures, packages) and others (note that, unlike DB Navigator, DB Explorer will show ALL types of objects that actually exist in the database). Synonyms are a special case of object: for a developer, they just represent underlying objects, that’s why we decided to group them according to the type of underlying object. For those users who want to work with synonyms as objects, there’s SYNONYM node under Other. Also, there’s still DB Navigator that’s unchanged since v5.5.

We realize that having two different DB trees can be confusing, so we plan to enhance DB Explorer in future versions so that it can completely replace DB Navigator. While doing this, we will consider adding the Synonyms node at the same level as tables etc.



Hi Roman,

The first paragraph of your awnser it absolutely comprehensible. No objection.

We often create synonyms dynamically via stored code.
So it is very usefull to be able to see at a glanced ALL synonyms be created under one node.

Well, the idea to completely replace DB Navigator is good from my view.
And by the way that’s the reason why I want to have all the good
(I cannot remember there is any bad one.)
features and functionality of DB Navigator in DB Explorer too. :slight_smile:

In the meantime I have no problem in using longer DB Navigator. As long as he exists.:slight_smile:

Thanks and Regards


Hi Andre,

I believe DB Explorer has its advantages too. It’s faster, it does node expanding in the background, you can drill down into DB links, it displays all existing types of objects, you can select multiple objects in the tree, and so on. So in the future versions we will try to combine ‘the best of two worlds’.



Hi Roman,

maybe I misunderstand your second paragraph… but:
I’m very sure that you will do the very best for us!