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table aliases are converted to uppercase


Enter following in the editor:
select d.
Immediatly this is converted to
select D.
Seems to happen with dot lookup, same happens when you enter:


Hi Torsten,

Did this get converted to uppercase right after you typed the dot? Could you please provide us with your Preferences file?



Here are my prefernces.
6.2.beta.pref (15 KB)



I have the same problem - I’ve attached my prefs (had to rename to .txt, .pref could not be uploaded - with Google Chrome)…
20090323.txt (125 KB)


Hi guys,

I tried both of your pref files but didn’t get the issue. Maybe it depends on how you type in the query. Could you describe for me in words how you type in the query. For example: did you type select d and stop before type in the dot?



Open an empty sql editor.
Type “d.”, no select or some else, only these two characters.
d is immediatly changed to uppercase.



Indeed. Same behavio(u)r here.

Might I ask about the OS you’re running? Mine is XP 64-bit SP2 (Server 2003 codebase).


Hi guys, I just had a couple try and I noticed that this did happen in the 6.2 Beta Build 1250 and some following internal builds. Good news is that in the newest internal build, this problem has been fixed. Gwen might use the latest build to test so she couldn’t reproduce the issue. Let’s wait for the final 6.2 release.




Eager to test it - bring it on!


No I actually tested on build 1250 and couldn’t reproduce it. Anyway, I will confirm later if we still need to raise a CR for this or if it has been fixed in our internal build.



Not reproducable with build 1317 anymore.


Glad to know it is OK now. Thanks for the update Torsten:)