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Table data updates


In the SQL Editor, you can’t update the values in the grid until you click the Updatable button and run your query. This is good - nothing gets updated unless you explicitly want to update something. But if you “open” the object (table) (ctrl-F2), then click on the Data tab, you are automatically in update mode. When you are scrolling through the data using the arrow keys on a laptop, it is very easy to accidentally hit another key and change a value. Then you don’t even know it until to close SqlNav and it asks it you want to commit. Is there a way to keep this non-updateable unless specifically requested?

I did just notice there is a way to have a message pop-up if something changed. So you can disregard this post.


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I think its happends because when you enable editing, it’s stays enable for all new sql windows.

Regards Piter


Thanks Charlie for the updated note .