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Table dot-lookup


When you use the dot-lookup to get a list of the table names for a schema, it looks like you must use ctrl-space. If you just let it look up automatically, it does not do anything.

Example, if you type PO. (and just wait) - nothing happens.
If you type PO. -space, then you get a list of tables.

It should work in both scenarios.



Hi Charlie!
Preferences > Code Editors > General > Automatic Dot lookup - must be checked.
In that coniguration it works for me, what about other user will see…
Regards Piter


I do have the Automatic Dot lookup checked. It works if I use it for for column names:
select * from dual d
where d. (this will show a list after a second)

It doesn’t work when you put in a schema name and are looking to see the tables owned by that schema.
select * from mySchema. (this will only pop up a list if you use -space, not automatically by waiting a few seconds)



Yes Charlie You are right , i thought about colls.
I other way, when you hit ctrl+space after owner, all object are showed, not only that which are selectable from sql. But in this situation parser should know what type of code is needed, select or plsql program …

Regards Piter