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Table name when exporting data (as table inserts)



In my export properties (available when selecting to export to table inserts), I used to leave the field “table name” blank in SqlNav 5.5.4. When exporting data from a table (with the “recall properties” flag set), I always obtained table inserts with the correct table (the one the data was selected from in the first place).

In SqlNav 6.* (don’t really know in which version this problem first occurred), leaving this field blank does no longer automagically fill in the correct (selected from) table. I get table insert statements like:

INSERT INTO (column1, …)
VALUES (val1,…);



Hi Dominique,

There’s an option “Use FROM clause” in 5.5 but we miss it in 6.*. This option should actually help to fill in table name. I will create a CR to have this option back.



Fixed in Thx.