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Table not Updating in Wait Statistics View



I do the following:

  1. Enter SQL Spotlight

  2. Press the Wait Statistics button

  3. Adjust the “playback” button to the time where i had an issue

  4. I see the graph at the top and the table with the statistics below.

  5. I make a note of the Wait Time Total (ms) values for the top 3 wait types

  6. On the graph i click “show data for last” -> and change the time point to 1hr or 12 hours or 1 week

  7. The graph updates with new results ok (although sometimes it doesnt)

  8. In the table, the Wait Time Total (ms) value doesnt change.
    Some things i tried for troubleshooting:

  9. I tried waiting up to 5mins but no change

  10. No errors in the event viewer

  11. Memory and CPU stay well below limits for the server

  12. The waitstats_{}.result files in <install_dir>\Agent\data\memory<db_name> look to have been updated in the last minute… though i dont know if this has anything to do with playback data…


  • Is this a bug?
  • If not how do i get the table to show me the statistics for what appears in the graph (i.e. the way everything else functions in spotlight)
    I worry about how much i can trust these wait statistics totals…



Hi Brumly,

When viewing the Wait Statistics drilldown in real time, the data (graph and table) gets refreshed every 15 seconds. In Playback mode this data stays static. So, you’ll need to use the Skip and Rewind buttons to refresh the data. Just keep in mind that by default the Wait Statistics Detail background collection (when application is closed) is at every 5 minutes. This setting is adjustable.

From what I can tell any filtration of wait category types or time intervals on the graph isn’t reflected on the table. So you may have to query our repository database to get historical data by time frame.

If you need further assistance on this I suggest to contact our support team.

Visit our Support Portal page