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tabs are confused when reversing several stored procedrues


I am moving 10 sp’s from dev to qt

I selected 10 stored procedures and extracted the ddl

The sp’s each opened into a different tab, but the heading on the tab is different than the name of the stored procedure.

This makes the migration confusing.



select dev environment
select schema
select right side of screen and click 10 different procedures (while holding ctl key)
select extract ddl to extract the ddl of 10 procedures



Hi Henry,

I don’t think we used to show the tab heading exactly the same with the object name when Extract DDL.

What by default is to show the heading as: Schema.ObjectName_ddl.sql, is that the difference what you meant?

By the way we offer an option in preference “. File Name Prefix” if you don’t need the schema name before.

If I misunderstood, or any other issues, please feel free to give feedback.