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Tabs in DDL


I haven’t checkout out the BETA for some time - mainly because of some some fundamental issues that make it difficult to use in my current company, but I thought I’d give it another try (eagerly awaiting it’s release!).

Anyway, I’m still getting two similar issues to what I found before:
TABS: they do seem to now work in procs/funcs but if I extract DDL (tabs still
working) and then run that (e.g. to create a procedure in my schema) all the
TABS have then been replaced by spaces? (I have all the appropriate options
turned on to use tabs instead of spaces).
TRIGGERS: This one is kind of strange, but we have a limited set of rights/privs on
our databases and I can’t see triggers - whereas they appear fine if I
use version 5.5 (I’ve tried switching DBA views options on/off but makes no


Hi Raystlin,

TABS: In the code editor, could you please check the right click menu Edit|Tabs/Spaces - you can convert space -> tab or vice versa. Please let us know if this work around would work for you.

TRIGGERS: The code editor does not support trigger type yet (it currently supports stored objects. Triggers and other types will be added in the future release). You shoud (still) use the DB Navigator tree and trigger edtior to work with triggers the same work flow as in 5.5.

Thanks and regards,