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What is supposed to happen when I go to View|Task Manager? Nothing comes up for me.




From the online help
"Managing tasksSQL Navigator executes long-running tasks in separate threads in the background. These tasks include:

  • batch commands on database objects, such as Drop, Compile, or Extract DDL

  • script execution in Code Editor

  • full expansion of a node in DB Navigator

  • source code search

  • the Find Objects command

Background execution happens automatically, and means that all the application’s functionality remains available to the user while the task is running in a separate session. (…)"

The example of the snapshot I made was done following the next steps:

1-open the task manager

2- find all the packages in a schema

3- select all the objects and compile them

I am then able using the task manager window to suspend for instance the compiling process

Thanks for making me aware of that funcionality



Glad to know you just learnt a new stuff Filipe:), and thanks for the introduction.

Hi Jet. The Task Manager window should show after you click View|Task Manager. It didn’t appear implies that something is broken with the layout settings. We save the layouts in registry at:
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Quest Software\SQL Navigator 6.x.x{ Beta}\Docking Windows\

Please check which version of SQL Nav you are using and locate the corresponding registry path. Make sure you close SQL Nav firstly, then delete the Layout0(1, 2, …) subfolders under Docking Windows. Start SQL Nav again, the windows layout will be reset. Try to click View|Task Manager, the Task Manager window should show out now.

Please let us know if you still have problem. We’re sorry about the inconvenience of deleting your existing layouts.

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Whatever I do (the easiest being firing up a long-running script), the Task Manager did not appear for me either…
After removing the registry entry as suggested by Vincent, the Task Manager appears - empty if nothing is running.
And, in unison with Filipe: nice to get to know another nifty feature!


Hi Dominique,

Glad to hear that it works. Like Vincent said, there used to be a bug that make this Task Manager floated down the screen everytime you open/close it. As a result it floats out of view and when you open it, you cannot see it.




Just to report that after I install the build 1332 I could not access the Task Manager and had to apply the workaround described.

Maybe uninstalling the previous Beta build didn’t clean the registry and it was not compatible with the new build?



That’s quite strange because we didn’t make any change related to Task Manager.
Let me know if it happens again.




I tried to run the Task Manager in, and it was AWOL once again.
After deleting the layout0 reg key, and restarting SqlNav, Task Manager reappeared.

I did make a screenshot of the registry, containing what I suspect to be entries relevant to the Task Manager (see above).


Hi guys,

I found out that if you close task manager and reopen it the next time you use nav it will drift down the screen still. Open/close in the same session is ok. We will have this fixed. Thanks for the feedbacks.