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TDA 3.0 BETA FTP/SFTP Enhancement


Good day,

TDA 3.0 solved all of the issues I reported for TDA 2.7. Both protrocols, FTP & SFTP, are now working smoothly and fine!!!

However, in my company’s network there are proxy servers to control access to Internet and other servers. So, I think it will be helpful if the FTP/SFTP Setup Window could have an option to configure settings for those using proxy to access some servers.

In my case, I need to access two (2) different SFTP servers. One is working OK, but I can’t get through the other SFTP server because there is a HTTP-proxy placed in between. I have my own proxy credentials, but there is no place to configure them in TOAD’s SFTP/FTP Setup Window. (I have to use tools like BITVISE TUNELLIER that allows me to setup SFTP connection via proxy).

Maybe you guys can analyze the option to enhance the FTP/STFP Connection Setup in TOAD in order to add the option for proxy servers authentication.

So far, TDA 3.0 has very new and exciting features. I’ll keep testing and using it every day, and I’ll be glad to let you know my thoughts about it.

Best regards,


Hello Oscar,

I am glad that you enjoy using the product and and thanks for the excellent feedback.

I went ahead and created CR 82,085 for adding proxy support to FTP.

Thanks again.


Thanks, Michael :slight_smile:

Maybe I’m asking too much, but perhaps you may also consider including further FTP/SFTP options like:

  • Select ASCII or BINARY transfer mode.
  • Select ACTIVE or PASSIVE transfer mode.

Just my two cents for helping TDA become an even better & more powerful tool than currently is.

Best regards,