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TDA disappears from Task Switcher when losing focus during Data Grid copy


Has this already been reported (for those of us who avoid the use of the mouse as much as possible and live via the Task Switcher)? If not below are the recreation steps:

  1. In Editor type “select * from dual;”
  2. Run SQL
  3. Copy data in Data Grid.
    a) Right-click in Data Grid and select [Copy Rows]
    b) Right-click in Data Grid and select [Copy Cells]
    c) Control-A to select all and then Control-C to copy
    d) Select one or more cells and then Control-C to copy
  4. Data Grid copy dialogue pops up asking about header inclusion and tab-vs-insert statement formatting.
  5. Alt-Tab and release to flip to another Task
  6. Alt-Tab again and hold to discover that TDA is missing.

The only way to return to TDA is to either…
a) click the application on the Task Bar, or
b) minimize/move the windows on top of it until it can be selected,
…at which point focus will be restored and it reappears in the Task Switcher.


I neglected to mention that I am using TDA v3.0.0.688 Beta.


Someone on the Toad for SQL server boards also reported this recently. We are
working on CR80,486 for this issue.