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TDM BETA Released!



I’m happy to inform you that Toad Data Modeler BETA has been released.

BETA brings support for PostgreSQL 8.4 and DB 2 LUW 9.7 and a lot of great enhancements. Please see their brief list below.

New Features and Enhancements

  • Support for PostgreSQL 8.4 (Reverse Engineering, LIVE RE, DDL/SQL Script generation, Model Verification, Reports, Alter Script generation)
  • Support for DB 2 LUW 9.7 (Reverse Engineering, LIVE RE, DDL/SQL Script generation, Model Verification, Reports)
  • Macros item can be available in pop-up menu
  • Reverse Engineering Wizard - Reload Aliases button to refresh list of aliases.
  • Alter Script Generation:
    • Generation of alter scripts without prior reversing and saving model.
    • Before Script and After Script sections are generated in alter script.
  • Page Format - Possibility to define a printer.
  • GUI:
    • Change position of multiple attributes in Entity Properties form
    • Enhancements on the Workspace: F2 to rename entity, Enter to open Properties dialog of the selected object(s), CTRL+F4 to close currently active Workspace.
    • Highlighting key attributes when you select a relationship on the Workspace.
    • Display + edit parent or child entity via the relationship pop-up menu on the Workspace.
    • Multi-level pop-up menu for multiple object selection on the Workspace.
    • Buttons Next and Previous for quick navigation among entities and attributes in their Properties dialogs.
    • Information about parent and child entities, relationships and key attributes is now available in the Entity Properties form, Relationships tab.
    • Possibility to set up maximal length for display of data types in the ERD.
  • and more.

Resolved Issues

  • Sync & Convert Wizard - Version number of models from Version Manager displayed.
  • HTML Report, Export to Graphic File - Error: “There is not enough resources to complete this command.” fixed.
  • and more than thirty CRs have been resolved.


The Release Notes PDF document with details, screenshots and some use cases is available at:

New BETA version movies:

Note: There are three new movies. Two of them show the main BETA enhancements, third movie shows how you can create your own macro and how to add it to pop-up menu of particular object.
Enjoy them!

BETA Download

Download the new Beta from:

The Beta requires that you are running a commercial or trial copy of Toad Data Modeler. You need to have a valid license key for the commercial or trial copy of Toad Data Modeler to be able to run the BETA.
To get a license key, please contact the Quest Sales team at: Thank you.

BETA expires on 15 January 2010.
There are NO feature limitations in the BETA.

Any feedback is greatly appreciated!

Have successful days.


Vladka & TDM Team