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TDM BETA Released!



I’m pleased to inform you that Toad Data Modeler BETA has been released.

The new BETA brings the following new features and enhancements.

New Features and Enhancements


  • Support for Oracle 11g Release 2 including Reverse Engineering, LIVE RE, DDL/SQL Script generation, Model Verification, Reports, Alter Script generation
  • Macros – Visual components for creation of macros available (User Forms).
  • Search Box on the toolbar (View | Toolbars | Quick Search Bar).

DDL Script Generation + RTF/PDF Reports:

  • New combo-box for bulk change of properties in column Extended Value.


  • Model Verification – New checkbox Check Duplicate Entity Trigger and View Trigger Names.


  • Model Explorer - Keys ‘Delete’ (deletes object from model) and ‘Enter’ (opens Propertied dialog).
  • Model Explorer: Context menu for multiple selection of objects, including the Delete option.
  • Quick search of items in grids

Changed Issues

General - Important!:

  • Application Variables %ColumnName% and %TableName% that you could use on tab SQL of Check Constraints and Check Constraint Rules must be written in a new format: <%ColumnName%> and <%TableName%>.
    Note: Old models will be automatically converted to this new format during the model open.

And more than ten resolved issues and fixed bugs.


The Release Notes PDF document with details and screenshots is available at:

BETA Download

Download the new Beta from:

The Beta requires that you are running a commercial or trial copy of Toad Data Modeler. You need to have a valid license key for the commercial or trial copy of Toad Data Modeler to be able to run the BETA.
To get a license key, please contact the Quest Sales team at: Thank you.

BETA expires on 1 February 2010.
There are NO feature limitations in the BETA.

Any feedback is greatly appreciated!

Have successful days.


Vladka & TDM Team