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TDM 3 BETA Released!


Hello community! :slight_smile:

I’m happy to announce that a new version of TDM 3 BETA has been released, v.
This Beta version is a follow-up to an earlier Beta and brings other significant changes and improvements. Let me mention a few of them:

New Features:

  • Support for DB 2 v. 9 (LUW)
  • Support on Microsoft Windows XP 64bit and Microsoft Vista
  • Direct import of TDM2 models (.DM2 files).
  • Enhanced Expert Mode
  • OTPs (Object Types and Properties)
  • Schema/Owner/Database Assignment
  • Test Model and Repair Model options
  • Materialized Views suppor for Oracle 10g and 9i, DB 2 v. 9 (LUW), DB2 UDB v. 8 (LUW)
  • New interface in the Convertor dialog
  • Alter Reports
  • more than fifteen GUI enhancements

Resolved Issues and Enhancements

  • About forty resolved issues!

Please read the Release Notes document to learn about the details and see some screenshots. Please feel free to track the CR #s we posted in the community for your notifications/remarks/suggestions and check out the fix/solution in the new Beta to see whether it meets your requirements.

Release Notes:

Download the new Beta from:

Before you install the new version, please uninstall the previous Beta version.
Official TDM3 version and BETA version can be installed on one computer. You can also use TDM3 and TDM2 at the same time. No trouble should occur.

Note on the Documentation:
In the new Beta, you can notice some Help buttons in dialogs. These buttons do not work for now but are ready for next official release 3.1. The Help navigation will be available in the official release.
Also, Help file and Manual are not up-to-date in this Beta. The documentation is being updated for official v. 3.1 at the moment.
Thank you for understanding it.

Modeling Community Contest Announcement

I’m very pleased to announce the most contributing community member for this major Beta release.
This time it is moakes who got 120 points since previous Beta.
moakes, thanks very much for your fantastic co-operation! You’ve just won 25 USD Amazon Certificate. Congratulations!

Note: moakes, please check out your Private Messages box. Thank you.

Well, another major release of TDM3 has been launched. What do you think of it? How do you like it? How do you feel about the new Beta while comparing it with first Beta? Does TDM3 meet your needs? Is modeling in TDM3 comfortable?

Please let us know your ideas and thoughts. We’re eager for your feedback. THANK YOU!

Enjoy modeling with the new Beta! :slight_smile:

Take care,

Vladka & All TDM Team