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TDM 3 Beta speed


OK, the latest build is the first one I’ve tried without “Access Violation” problems, so it’s time to get serious about evaluating it as our replacement for Case Studio going forward.

The last version of Case Studio is running somewhat slowly but happily on an ancient machine: dual 300MHz Pentium-MMX with 384MB RAM. The Beta is unusably slow on a 2.4GHz Pentium 4(M) with 1.25GB RAM. In particular, the Beta is constantly redrawing the windows, menu bar, toolbars, etc. Very slowly. You can see it go icon by icon and widget by widget.

There is one other application that behaves this way: Quicken 2007. What windowing toolkit is causing this? (The makers of Intuit are blaming the video driver, but it’s a standard Dell laptop with current ATI drivers.)

I’ll be re-resting next month on a new, faster machine…but this is a real problem.



TDM3 is much more flexible and customizable product, unfortunately it requires and consumes more memory than TDM2. The application is more complex and… slower. But I think making comparison of TDM2 and TDM3 is like comparing Win95 and Vista. :slight_smile:

In any case, our development is in progress and we managed to speed up some processes significantly, other areas will be improved in future.

Thank you for your feedback,