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TDM 3 Vs MS Visual Database Tools


Has anybody had a chance to work on both the above tools… kindly share your experiences/evaluations as I need to understand which one would be better above the other??..

Thanks in advance




both TDM and MS Visual Database Tools can be used for many different purposes.
I recommend you to try to put together a detailed list of requirements and actions you normally need to do and then do the comparison. There are differences in features and in the way each of the two products work, of course.

After putting together something like this:


  • To be able to work without existing database
  • To be able to use Domains
  • To be able to use Naming Conventions
  • To be able to generate report
  • To be able to specify both Physical and Logical names for tables. Example: T_CUST is a physical name that will be in generated SQL, Customer is logical name that will be shown in diagram and reports.
  • To be able to write internal Notes (related to model, in addition to Descriptions that will be stored in database)
  • To be able to categorize tables…


  • Change Schema for all objects at once.
  • Compare existing database with a model and generate change script…

etc. your comparison would be easier.




I have found that I cannot use VS database tools at all with Oracle on a 64bit machine.

The problem mainly being that MS will automatically load 32 bit ODP for its tools, yet when trying to devleop a 64 bit application you need the 64 bit version of the driver. They haven’t provided a way for you to give a path to the two individually.

Second problem is anything I write up in the designer tools has gotten wiped out on more than one occasion. I don’t know how many times I had to rewrite the same 300 queries again. Problem is the generated code is very tightly integrated with the provider. Go form VS 2005 to 2008? rewrite. Change Oracle client? Rewrite. Change a namespace? Rewrite. You get the idea.

MS pretty much took the unspoken stance, “Use MSSQL or die” when asked for support. Not a possibilty where I work.