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TDM 6.3 - stored procedure - validation problem: set rowcount with variable

TDM reporting error - bad validation?

create stored procedure my_proc (

@myRowCount int=100


as …

set rowcount @myRowCount

reporting ERROR:

ERROR: line xxx, column xxx, ending line xxx, column xxx: Found ‘@myRowCount’: Expecting: integer

THX for repair

Hi Robert,

unfortunately it is bug of TDM Validator, your code is OK. Thank you for your report this error. We created issue TDM-3997, you can track it in release notes.

In the meantime you can switch off this validation by doing this steps:

  1. Go to menu Model > Verify Model…

  2. Go to tab “Verification Settings”

  3. Find and uncheck test “Syntax Validity”

  4. Click button “Save Settings”.