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TDM Access violation at address 012D7322 in module 'TDM.exe'. Read of address 0000000C

Anytime I am trying create a new model or to open an existing one, I get an error message: Access violation at address 012D7322 in module ‘TDM.exe’. Read of address 0000000C. I am running Windows 7 Pro 64 bits, TDM on a permanent licencse. So far, the software is useless, there is nothing I can do with it, please help!

Normally an error this severe is best handled via tech support where you talk directly to someone and they own it. You should not be getting this error. I would advise trying one thing - if your support maintenance is current you are entitled to free updates. I would try upgrading to 5.1. I’m not saying that is your issue or any way related. But when working a support case it’s always better / easier if you’re on the current version.

Thanks Bert, I know support would be a better choice but my support expired. The software was working great for a year and a half, then just nothing :frowning:

OK - hmm, let me think. I have seen on rare occasions where MS Windows updates for some things can cause havoc for TDM - I think it’s j-script updates vs. our scripting. But that’s something that support or our dev team would know far better than me. So I am hoping someone on the dev team may ring in. You can still login to support and query our knowledge base - look for windows updates issues. That would possibly explain why it was working for a long time and then just quit - a Windows update may have done TDM in.

I found this KB article that might be related - require upgrade to 4.3:

Toad Data Modeler Knowledge Article 104386

Title Error launching Toad Data Modeler: “External exception, 80000001”


Launching Toad Data Modeler generates the following error:

“External exception, 80000001”


Upgrade to at least Toad Data Modeler 4.3.

That makes sense, I will take a look again in the knowledge base, hoping someone from support or dev team notice this post. Thanks again Bert.

HI Omar and Bert,

I’ll check tomorrow what exactly was this KB article about and will check with devs. I am afraid that once upgrading to 4.3 is recommended in the article, there was some issue fixed for that release. I’ll let you know tomorrow.



Thanks! I already tried to download version 4.3 or above but got a message saying my support maintenance contract has expired.

Hi Omar,

The KB Article mentioned by Bert deals with a different problem fixed in TDM 4.3, but it is not connected anyhow with new models unfortunately. Sorry for that.



Thanks Lukas…

Hi Omar,

you can try to turn off your antivir to see if this causes the problem. There were some problems with some antivir programs in the past. Also, you can try to delete (back up first!) your custom packages.

In any case, we recommend to upgrade TDM and check out if the problem occurs in newer version. Beta or freeware are also available.



Thanks Vladka, I just downloaded the TDM 5.1 freeware and it works. However, the 4.2 version now does not even start, whenever I try to run it I get an error message saying “Error accessing the OLE registry”. I will keep using the freeware version while I can, thanks everybody for your help!

Hi Omar,

The OLE registry error is caused by the fact TDM uses system COM object which is registered upon start of TDM. So, when you start a new TDM version installed side-by-side (e.g. 5.1) with your original TDM installation (4.2), the COM object must be re-registered and to do this, you must run TDM.exe as Administrator. Then, if you want to run the other TDM installation, you must run it again using Run as Administrator on its executable.