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TDM Beta and Oracle 8i



I have just downloaded the Beta and thus new to the forum. I tried to reverse engineer a schema from an Oracle 8i database, but I don’t see an option for Oracle 8i. I tried Oracle 9i, but it failed.


  1. Can’t Oracle 8i be supported?
  2. Should the RE work using the Oracle 9i option? (therefore I should report the problem I am seeing.)

Dave Reed


Hello Dave,

Unfortunately Oracle 8 is not supported. TDM 3 BETA supports only Oracle 9i and 10g.

Please see the “Basic info and Comparison Matrix” (section Supported Database Systems) doc at:

There’s a workaround that you can do using TDM 2.

  1. You can RE your db to TDM 2 (TDM2 supports Oracle 8). - File | RE | Universal RE.
  2. You can convert your Oracle 8 model to Oracle 9i in TDM2. - Model | Database Conversion.
  3. You can export converted Oracle 9i model to XML (.dmx file). - File | Export.
  4. And finally, open the .dmx file in TDM 3 BETA (and resave it as TDM 3 file).

Information on RE and DB conversion in TDM 2 can be found in TDM 2 Help file.

I don’t know if you’re a user of TDM 2. If not, you can download its trial and take the steps above to be able to test your model in TDM 3 BETA.

TDM2 trial version can be downloaded from:

If you have any questions, please write me back. Thanks.