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TDM2 Database editors - how to migate into TDM3


I have used Database editors quite a lot for my SQL 2000 models (to add project specific data I found useful). I cannot find a means to load these into TDM3 - how is it done? I sincerely hope I am able to move this data into TDM3, losing it is not really an option for my projects.

I have loaded a TDM2 dmx into TDM3 but the custom fields I defined in TDM2 using database editors are not readily apparent (I may have missed them of course, but I can’t find them). I can export my definitions from TDM2 into a te2 file but cannot find a way to load them into TDM3 (and on initial investigation can’t see how you define db editors in TDM3 - but I may have missed that).

Please help



When you write about Database editors, do you mean TDM 2 Templates Editor?

From the meaning of your question, I assume you mean the Templates Editor. If I’m wrong, please write me back.

Anyway, if you customized TDM 2 via the Templates Editor, your modifications were saved to .te2 files. TDM 3 doesn’t know .te2 files and therefore is not able to load them. I’m afraid, you will have to define the database specifics from scratch in TDM3. There’s no way how to load them from TDM2. I’m sorry.

Let me explain that TDM 3 and its customization options are completely different (there’s no Templates Editor), and let me note that they have been much enhanced since TDM2. - New functions such as Script Explorer, Package Explorer, Script Editor, editable forms and frames etc. are available. At the moment, we’re working on the documentation on this issue, and would like to ask you for patience.

Thank you very much!




I use the term “Database editors” as this is the naming used when you do an export of templates (see attached) - I am referring to the meta-data users can add via the Variables TAB within Template Editors.

So are you saying that the data I have entered in TDM2 into template variables is lost when I upgrade to TDM3 - you can imagine I am not best pleased about that thought.

If this is correct then is there any chance at all for a utility to be supplied to load into TDM3 the “missing” data for those like me who have made use of the TDM2 variables feature (or am I out on a limb here - the only person to have used them or to care about the data within them)? (12.8 KB)



I’ve discussed it again with our developers, and, I’m afraid, I’m bringing bad news.

The principle of how templates work in TDM2 and TDM3 is completely different. The template variables you defined on your own in TDM2 cannot be imported to TDM3. I’m afraid, you will have to make the changes in TDM3 again. I’m very sorry.




OK - my final shot. I just want to make sure I am 100% clear, I don’t expect it to change anything. There are two things here: the meta data (as defined in template variables) and the data that gets entered by the user (ie me) for each table/column etc in TDM2 via the advanced tab.

I think what you are saying is bad luck * 2

1 - the template variables cannot be imported and so must be manually re-created in TDM3 (not too much of bother, I guess)

2 - even when the template variables (or whatever TDM3 uses for them) are defined in TDM3 the data entered into them in TDM2 via the advanced tabs will not be imported (mucho problemo for me)

Am I right?

left-field question: how to I change my name in this forum from the email it shows to who I really am (T¬)? I tried putting my name into my deails in control panel but it made no difference.




Concerning the problem with templates variables, our developers will further discuss it on Thursday meeting. I would like to ask you for patience. We’ll possibly find some acceptable solution. As soon as I know more, I’ll let you know.

left-field question: how to I change my name in this forum from the email it shows to who I really am (T¬)? I tried putting my name into my deails in control panel but it made no difference.

To be honest, I haven’t found it out either. I need to ask the Quest community admin. Tomorrow or on Thursday I’ll know. Thanks for your patience.




Wild left field guess…
I think this forum engine always displays your login id. You can add/allow additional information to be shown if you choose, but the login ID you entered when signing is always shown. If you entered your email addr as your login id I think your stuck…Or you could create a new account using the login id you wish to display.



Here’s an update on the left field question for all who are interested:
Generally, your nickname is displayed in the community, and you cannot change it in your control panel (neither can moderator). Unfortunately, there’s no administrative tool for doing this at the moment. Only, community administrator can do it.

We will arrange it soon for (we already contacted him and at the moment waiting for his new user profile data confirmation). (Tim, just reply to my email and we’ll arrange the rest… )





I’m bringing good news concerning import of variables to TDM3. - Conclusion from the yesterday’s meeting of our developers.

  • User defined variables (Defined on the Editor of Variables tab in the Templates Editor in TDM2):

We will make some utility or find a way how to load user variables to TDM3.

We will attempt to find the most acceptable and most comfortable solution, and at the same time hope we will manage to make it for you as easy as possible.

  • Modifications in templates made in the Templates Editor:

Unfortunately, we are not able to automate import of this. Nevertheless, we’re sure you will like scripting and customization features in TDM3. Some quick notes on this:

  • You will have full access to scripts and packages, can modify them in JavaScript, customize them at your convenience.

  • At the moment we’re working on appropriate documenation. The documentation will contain all available properties, functions and procedures and also examples.

  • We believe you will find the customization in TDM3 more pleasant and not so difficult. Of course, we will be ready to help you with the scripting and give you advice here.

  • TDM3 allows you to add new tabs, labels, group boxes (and other items that are not available in TDM2) to dialogs and forms. You can customize the application and make it much more user friendly than TDM2 (where you can put your variables only on the Advanced tab.)

See e.g. the Customization of Forms movie at:

Tim and all who have defined variables in TDM2, thank you for your patience!
We’re dealing with this issue.

Have a nice day.

Vladka & TDM Team