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TDM3 Documentation - Your feedback would be greatly appreciated!


Hello TDM3 fans,

Have you already had a look at the Help file?* Have you found reply to your question quickly? Do you find the information in Help file responsive and explanatory enough?

Feel free to post us your recommendations and notifications on bugs, typos, unclear information or even missing information that you come across in the Help file, Manual or Reference Guide.
Please send your feedback to:
We would very appreciate it!

Also, you can send us a quick feedback on this issue via the poll at:

Thank you!

*Note: The documentation pack is included in the latest Beta




As I was looking through the help the other day, I noticed the usage of the word ‘violently’ to describe changing a model option. I don’t remember exactly where in the help it was, but since you have the source, it should be easier for you to find it than for me. If I remember the context, you probably meant ‘explicity’ or ‘expressly’. Regardless, violence is not the answer.


Hi Bruce,

Thanks very much for your post - first feedback on the Help file. :slight_smile:

I’ve tried to find the word ‘violently’ , however was not successful. I’ll be searching further.

Thanks also for your tips to replace the word. I appreciate it very much!

I get back to the searching…