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TDP Nav Mgr / Obj Explorer issue

I’m seeing an issue with the TDP Object Explorer that I don’t have with TDP 3.3 or TDA 3.1 in that it cannot seem to keep track of which database schema was last used with a particular database connection on a single Oracle 11gR1 database (and using a full Oracle 11gR2 client).

I typically have multiple connections defined for a single Oracle database, each with a unique default schema something like Conn1_schema_A, Conn1_schema_B, and Conn1_schema_C. This has made it easier to switch schemas (along with associated object editors) by double clicking the appropriate connection to make it active and not having to change the schema in the Object Explorer every time. When I switch to connection Conn1_schema_B I expect to see schema B in the Object Explorer. But now TDP gets confused after switching connections a few times and forgets which schema was last used with the currently active connection, and I have to manually change to the proper schema in the Object Explorer.

Hopefully, I have explained the issue clearly enough for someone to possibly duplicate.

Thanks for your time.

  • MJ

I’m still seeing the same issue in TDP The Navigator Manager gets out of sync with the Object Explorer when switching connections on same Oracle database.

Same issue in TDP This is a definite show stopper for our shop moving to TDP 3.5.

The same issue occurs with TDP and The Navigation Manager is really eff’d up.

To MJacquot_187:

Thank you for participating in the Toad Data Point 3.5 Beta. Thank you for reporting this issue. It’s a clever way of using the Navigation Manager and we apologize for breaking this intuition.

I have created ticket QAT-2022 to address this issue. We will allocate whatever resources we have available as appropriate, but there is a possibility that it will not make it in time for the Toad Data Point 3.5 release.

-Joshua Liong

Thanks for looking into this issue, Joshua. Using multiple connections to the same Oracle database, one per schema, helps me greatly.

To Mjacquot_187:

My senior co-developers looked into the Navigation Manager. The Navigation Manager is actually working as designed. The object manager will not change when switching through active connections when both active connections connect to the same server.

Like most drop down menus, you can type out your desired database by using the keyboard when the drop down menu has focus, and push ENTER when the right database is selected. It even highlights as you type!


Thank you for your understanding,

-Joshua Liong

This behaviour has changed since TDP which I am using daily. In TDP 3.3 the Object Explorer is synchronized with the Navigation Manager connection and not with the connected database server.

Are there any plans to revert the Navigation Manager connection synchronization behavior to be similar to version 3.3? The current 3.5 behavior does not work well for us.