TDP 3.6 - Issues when highlighting a query before executing with F9

I have encountered some odd behavior if I highlight the content of SQL queries before executing them with F9:

ISSUE 1. For some queries, if I highlight the query first, then press F9, the query runs fine but doesn't go into the "SQL Recall" window, as shown below:

However if I do NOT highlight the query first, and press F9, the query runs and also appears in the "SQL Recall" window:

I would expect the query to appear in the "SQL Recall" window regardless of whether it was highlighted or not.

ISSUE 2: If my SQL query begins with INSERT INTO and I highlight the entire text of the query before pressing F9, the progress bar freezes at the bottom of the screen and in the "Background Processes" window, and it doesn't tell me how many tasks are running. (It looks like the query is stuck but it will finish normally.) The progress bar for this query is half-filled with green and not moving for this query (and moving normally for a separate query that I started earlier):

However if I do NOT highlight the highlight the query text first before pressing F9, the progress bars all move normally, and the one at the bottom says I have "2 tasks" running:

Perhaps this behavior is intentional, but it looks like bugs to me so I wanted to report it.

I am using Toad Data Point version

I think the key to your first issue has to do with where your cursor is. In the help file it states that SQL Recall is only for single current statements and not for scripts. A current statement usually is defined by the first complete statement following your cursor. In your screenshot your cursor is after the statement and would explain why it was not added. however, I would say that if you highlighted the SQL it should add it to SQL Recall.

Thanks for the quick reply. Just now I tested highlighting from the bottom up, so that my cursor was definitely before the start of the current statement, and it still did not add to the SQL Recall.

Does it make a difference if you use F9 or F5?

When the text is highlighted, pressing F5 or F9 does not make a difference, it doesn’t go into the SQL Recall window either way. However, this could be because using F5 doesn’t put the query into SQL Recall even when this text is NOT highlighted. Using F5 doesn’t populate the SQL Recall window, highlighted or not.