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TDP 3.7 Pro Beta - Import to Local Storage Error - "Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation"

Hi! With the last couple of BETA iterations of TDP 3.7, I have been running into Import Wizard Errors when loading data from Excel 2013 to Local Storage. I am consistently only getting partial loads of my data and get the following set of errors, specifically, “Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation”. Also, even though I have requested a file be created of any rows with errors, the system is deleting the file (see below). If I log on to TDP 3.7 Beta and open Local Storage, then also log on to TDP 3.4, in TDP 3.4 I can import my file with no errors and get a full load of data to Local Storage of the same Excel file.


1:56:10 PM Thread (26) The rows failed importing will be written to file : C:\Users\xxxxxxx\Documents\Toad Import Files\SM_Gems-20150309_rows_with_error.csv
1:56:10 PM Thread (26) Importing 1 out of 1 files
1:56:10 PM Thread (26) Reading from file SM_Gems-20150309.xlsx
1:56:10 PM Thread (26) Change Schema to RBH
1:56:11 PM Thread (26) Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation.
1:56:11 PM Thread (26) Nothing to discard, delete C:\Users\xxxxxxxxx\Documents\Toad Import Files\SM_Gems-20150309_rows_with_error.csv
1:56:17 PM Thread (26) Imported rows were rolled back.

1:56:17 PM Thread (26) Error importing data, please check file format options: Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation.
1:56:17 PM Thread (26) Import Finished [3/11/2015 1:56:17 PM]
1:56:17 PM Thread (26) Import time: 00:00:06.9263961

Am I doing something wrong? Is there some option I need to be selecting in TDP 3.7 that is different from 3.4, when importing data to Local Storage?

Thanks for your help,


To richard.b.haseltine:

Thank you for posting in Toad World!

I believe we will need more information to help diagnose this issue. If you can follow these steps, we may be able to get some more clues about the issue.

  1. Launch Toad Data Point through the shortcut with the parameter /log=all.

  2. Reproduce the issue. Keep a note of what time you executed the action that produced the issue. Feel free to reproduce it multiple times (it makes it easier to spot it in the logs).

  3. Try to reproduce the issue with the "save unimported rows to csv" checkbox turned OFF. Note if there are any changes in the outcome.

  4. Post when ready!

We look forward to your support bundle.

Software Developer I,
-Joshua Liong