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[TDP Beta 3.3.1327] [Job Manager] "Export to Excel" results in blank file


To be fair, I’ve noticed this since TDA 2.7, and I never thought to say anything till now :slight_smile:

When clicking on the “Export to Excel” button while in the Job Manager for Automation, TDP prompts you to provide a file name, and then proceeds to export a blank Excel file.

I’m betting there’s just a simple disconnect between the part that parses all the scheduled tasks on the machine and the part that outputs to Excel. I’d love for it to be fixed so that I can easily publish a list of scheduled jobs when users request an automated report.

Also, the file currently exported is in the Excel 97-2003 (.xls) format - if you fix this, could you update it to Excel 2007/2010 (.xlsx)?


Thank you for reporting the issue.
I created the CR 109036 to track it.


Any word on if/when this will be fixed?


I looked it up, the issue is scheduled for 3.5 release.