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[TDP Beta 3.3.1327] [Send Email] Send Email doesn't support manual paths


When a file activity occurs that requires an external file (like a batch file) to manipulate a file from TDP, the end-result file is not available for the Send Email activity.

For example, I have a batch file that I build in order to copy a file to a specific location on our network share. I then need to be able to email that file to the end user. However, since the end-result location isn’t visible to TDP (because of the external batch file), that file does not show in the file “picker” for sending email, and I cannot manually specify the path - including variable names - because it does not exist (yet).

My particular use case may be resolved if/when the Copy File activity issue previously highlighted is fixed (as that would eliminate, in my scenario, the use of an external batch file to copy the file), however, being able to specific manual paths, including using variables, would be quite useful.


I see the issue. This one I think will have to be deferred to the next release. We will get the copy file one handled instead. For the next release this CR # is 109022.

Thanks, it is a good point.