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TDP Intelligence Central Connection - Register New User - Use Windows Authentication


When I try to register a new user for an Intelligence Central connection in Toad Data Point Beta 3.6 using Windows Authentication I get an error when trying to connect. The user does exist, but in the Intelligence Central Admin Console you can’t specify to use Windows Authentication.



To Mcjohnso:

Thank you for posting in Toad World!

I will require more data to isolate this error. We encourage you to try the Release version of Toad Data Point In addition, ensure that the Toad Intelligence Central has been fully upgraded to 2.4.

When you reproduce the issue, please create a support bundle and either post it here or send it to me directly at We can use this data to compile a support case and have it sent for further investigation.

How to Create a Support Bundle and post it

  1. Launch Toad Data Point through the shortcut with the parameter /log=all.

  2. Reproduce the issue and ensure the error message appears (If applicable).

  3. Select Help -> Support Bundle

  4. A new tab will appear. After it’s done generating the bundle, Right-click the tab -> Save File to save the .zip file to any directory of your choosing.

  5. Return to the Toad World thread and Post a Reply using Rich Formatting

  6. Compose a message

  7. Select the Options tab next to Compose, then click Click to Add to add the .zip support bundle

  8. Post when you’re ready!

Software Associate Developer,
-Joshua Liong