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TDP3.3.0.1168 Beta Two Explore DB Buttons

Not even sure how I got two Explore DB buttons, but somehow the additonal one got added. I can easily deselect one of them but curious to how the 2nd one got created.


Did you migrate settings from another app? It is possible that something got messed up there. To check this

  1. go to your help about and click the Application Data Dir. Copy this path into clicp board.
  2. Shut down TDP.
  3. Rename that directory and restart Toad.
  4. If that handles it go and import your connections from the old directory or copy the connections.xml file over to the new settings dir.


The recommendation did not resolve, but upgrading to BETA 3.3.01327 did fix this. I believe this occurred when using Configuration Wizard and choosing Toad for Oracle Layout settings option, then reverting back to Toad Data Point layout.

I am glad that is does not occur in the Beta. I think your suspicion on how it happened is correct.

Another thing to mention, you can right click on tool bar, choose custom, then on the Options tab press the “Reset all customizations”. This puts things back to square one.