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TDP3.3.0.1168 Beta Unable to expand Databases Cross-Connection

When setting up a cross-connection query on two native Oracle Clients I am unable to expand the databases in the Object Explorer to see the tables.

I have never seen this before. Attached is a script with some of the SQL that is executed when you expand the plus sign. Can you execute them and let me know of any of them error? Or return no data?

Also, do you get tables listed when you change to the tabbed views?

OE Table SQL.sql (4.14 KB)

Yes I can run those SQL commands fine. I am still unable to expand out the databases in Object Explorer.

But did any of them return 0 rows? If the one that lists schemas does not have any listed you would not be able to expand the node.

Can you run all the scripts in a SQL editor. Then save the file as a *.TEF file? That is a toad editor file that will save all of the result sets. Send to my by email.


Sorry not enough time for me to fully test out why the Object Exlporer is not expanding for this. It has been like this in previous versions and my work around is just to have the SQL ready for both databases before I create the cross-connection.

Set up TDP3.2 and latest TDP3.3 beta side by side with identical settings/SQL and 3.3 still not allowing expansion of schema/tables in 3.3.