Team coding and new procedures

Ok, I’m not wanting to sound too unintelligent, I did search the forum for this question, but we are attempting to get team coding set up. I have read Version Control and Team coding (In SQL Navigators user guide) and I believe I have the stuff set up correctly, but now when I create a new procedure (Package or Function), and I hit apply changes to the database it asks me if I want to check it in (I do not because I have not fixed syntax errors, when I say no the code locks up and can not be changed until I check it in. Is there a way to be able finish working on a procedure prior to checking it in? If there is additional documentation I can read to become more familiar with do’s and dont’s or how certain things work I would appreciate the link. Belive me this is only the beginning of my questions and I would like to sound more knowledgeable before posing them…

Hi Lozier,

Unfortunately, that’s how team coding works. The first time you save the obj to the DB, it will check in the obj so the DB and version control system would be in sync. If it only saves the obj to DB, someone may accidentally create an obj with the same name as yours and save it, hence overwrite your obj. This defeats the purpose of having team coding set up in the first place.

One point, it automatically checks in the obj and promps you to check out so you can continue working on it. From that time on, it wont check in until you manually hit the check in button. If you choose No, ofcos the obj is still checked in but its not available for you to edit until you check it out yourself.

Hope this helps

Would it be possible to have team coding have the option to remember password like the main database login?

Due to customers’ feedbacks from the past, we decided to not to implement the remember password feature for team coding. This ensures strict security for the source codes. We even got feedbacks to remove the remember password in the main database login but for the mean time, we will keep it as it is.