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Team coding check-out modal window problems



First a question: I couldn’t find the old thread where i (or someone else) reported that when in a script/package with control-click you call the editor of the “clicked” object if you have the team coding window asking for the check-out in the background (editor) the cursor is making a drag-selection also moving the page down (if the ok button in the team window is below the click point)
Will that be finally fixed in 6.3?

Second: in the current beta build when control-click like the above sometimes the team window doesn’t get on top …but I cannot do anything else in the editor…workaround : alt-tab to the sql nav again will make the window appear on top

Third (this is maybe for a 7 version): Team coding should not ask to checkout objects in a distinct schema/user if the user doesn’t have change permissions, right?



Hi Filipe,

The first issue is targetted to be fixed in next release. And I will add your second item to the same CR. The third one will be another ER for future.



“The first issue is targetted to be fixed in next release” - you mean 6.4? (it still is not in 1824)


hi Filipe,

Yes, all these issues will be fixed after 6.3.