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Team coding code control groups, only one big folder in source control?


Every versioned object in a code control group gets added into one big folder in the source control repository. Surely people are not checking every package, trigger, procedure, etc. script file into the same folder, how are people working around this? Are you creating multiple code control groups? If so how do you deal with user mappings, do you umapping and remapping them as needed to check out the file in the folder you need?


You surely can check them in different folder in the source control repository. You have to create one code control group for each folder. For example if you can create one code control group to check in all the procedures into folder PROC and one code control group to check in all the packages into folder PACKAGE. Then perform exporting from that schema.

Hope this helps


You’re right, that works, but how do you then deal with mapping the code control groups to a user schema? You can only map one code control group at a time, thus if you want to edit both a package and a procedure in your user schema you are unable to map both code control groups at once. The only work around I know of to this is to have the user change which group is mapped back and forth based on what type of object he wants to edit, which is quite a headache. My question was if anyone had a better way of working around this?


It’s true that you can only map one code control group to one user at a time. But if you create the code control group in a different way, it may help.

For example, if you have the original schema that contains all the tables for students, staff, exam results, etc and all the stored programs to manipulate those table. Instead of exporting each type of object into one folder, you can export all the objects (different types) that related in some way into one folder (i.e. create one control group for all the related object). In this situation, perhaps the one to do with students and their scores. Then you can map that code control group to one user. And that user can work on the project that has something to do with the student’s results.