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Team coding Comment promt



I didn’t test the repeatability of this situation.
I installed the team coding server-side objects
In preferences I had not checked (on) the “prompt for check” in/out comments (3 entries)
Team coding would ask me the comments when checking out :frowning:

Workaround: I check in (ON) all the “prompt for check” ->apply -> then I check then out (OFF) -> Apply

Now it’s working correctly …not asking for the prompt when preferences have that off.


ps:I have to work without that prompt for comments due to the problems already reported ( thatare target to after the 6.3
My advice to everyone is not not use the check out comments


Request: when having “Simultaneously Check in/out Spec and Body” checked the prompt on check in and check out, to use the same comments for both the spec and body (without asking twice)


This still happens with build 1928

(and also the background selection being made when trying to get to the OK button in the check out comment window)