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Team coding/formatter request


Some requests for problems that I think every developer group faces:

  1. A way to share and make sure everyone is using the same formatter options!
    My suggestion would be to use the team coding service to provide that feature.
  2. Even opening an object that is lock by another user it should provide (maybe in the status line) the name of the user that is blocking it

Maybe for 6.3 :-)?


Filipe Silva


Hi Filipe,

These requests will also be logged but we need to discuss before commiting to a date.

Looking forward to more feedbacks from you.




I fully support the idea having centralized formatter options with “Team Coding”. Really good idea. Specially in the light of the fact that the location of files is changed. And structure differs … :frowning:
It means a big mess with file versions and locations.



Centralized formatter options … Let me play the devil’s advocate for a moment. Why would I have to be forced to use the same options as some other colleague? For instance, myself I might like everything stacked, much spacing, parentheses on a line by their own etc. etc. But someone else might prefer his code the condensed way, as much text on a line as can be, because he prefers to see more of the code on his screen.

After all, what is formatting all about? It’s not about drawing a nice picture, it’s about making code comprehensible, easy to catch and to understand. Formatting should eventually lead to more productivity due to faster understanding (less “human parsing and analyzing”) and less coding errors. For instance, here at Quest I’m coding together with Paul a few days a week on a 30" monitor equipped with two keyboards and two mice via a KVM switch. Both of us can understand each others code portions very quickly because we use the same formatting in a very strict way. We catch coding errors quickly via “missing” or “ill positioned” text elements, not syntax errors but formatting standard violations.

I advocate individualized formatter options which would be automatically applied whenever viewing or editing code. This resembles viewing an HTML web page where you can override fonts and colors, and font sizes, at least to some extent. Also most pages will be adjusted to the available window width.

How should we store edited and user formatted text to a shared repository (database or file system) ? I feel that the only way is the have the database of file system have its own formatter preferences to which the text has to be formatter before “entering” (saving). The database/fs is just another “user” who wants to “see” its code in a particular format, at least because there might be other tools around reading the code without formatting it. The formatter preferences might then follow the company standards.

Okay, the above is my personal view. But let’s at least discuss around it. Do you dear users agree or have some other opinion … ?



In my team he have coding standards …including formatting!
That helps when checking differences between versions and allows your internal version control toll to check and report automatically the changes that were made.

What I am saying is if that that kind of option is provided to the team leader one some special group could change the “team” formatting and all people using that “team coding schema” should use it. At least when checking in should format the code with the team formating :slight_smile: )

In other schemas (not controled by that the system should use the local formatting option)…maybe also provide a way for people to save locally the “team formating options” to use in another place.

What do you think?


I think that my idea to format the code automatically with the team formatting when checking in could be The solution. (associated with an option to save locally the “team formatting options”).

So everyone could use the formatting they are used to (or they like) but the code would be formatted “standard” when checking in.

Will that be possible?

Just another related question: I college of mine it using TOAD and he told me that when comparing code TOAD has an option to format the code before the comparison is made. Could that feature (if the info I got is correct?) also be possible in SQL Nav?



Filipe, that’s exactly my point. Storing code (also in source control systems) and comparing it could be done by formatting any stored code using a “general” standard, or even using the formatter default settings, as long as the settings don’t change.
Code for viewing or editing would first pass the “personal” formatter.

Yes Toad has some of these features, not sure what exactly.




In my company there are around 15 PL/SQL developers and around 30 Java developers occasionally contributing some minor changes in PL/SQL. Plus different department for releasing/implementation. So “diff” is the best way to have overview what was changed. And probably to only way…

Regular diffing programs do not re-format. Using specially (and special version) SQL Navigator for that purpose is not the solution. I already have problem that 6.1 doesn’t format as we have used to ("Format issues in 6.1beta") So nobody in our company can switch to new version.

So main priority is to have code in agreed format in repository. Local or personal formatter is not a bad idea at all. Actually great one but still after the common solution.

Just problems mutate if team/organisation grows…




Just an update: Toad has a tool for syncronize the preferences (for instance format and team coding) between a team

and toad has also a schema compare tool that has a option to reformat the code (internally) previous to compare

BTW: I really prefer (read love) SQLNavigator but those feature would be nice to have.