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I just want to ask if sqlnavigator going to support the new Toad Team Coding Repository. Up to now it was very convinient that both tools shared the same source code repository. Since Toad new version a new repository is used (the old is migrated to the new at a different location) that as far as I know is incompatible with Sqlnavigator. I recall an answear to a previous question that mentioned that t team coding in Sqlnavigator is to be reformed. Is it going to follow toad or a different path ?

Thanks in advance

Yes, we are currently working on supporting Toad 12.7 Team Coding repository. This will be done in SQL Navigator 7.3. After 7.3 is released, we will upgrade the team coding again to align to Toad 12.8.

Thank you for your prompt reply,

I did not realize that 12.7 and 12.8 use diffrent version of team coding repository. Hopefully when 7.3 is released and the new toad repository is supported, a developer would be able to do simple actions like check in/out in the common repository (and objects) even if toad 12.8 is installed.

The repositories between Toad 12.7 and 12.8 may be compatible, however Toad 12.8 introduces some new changes in the team coding workflow. We will do the same in SQL Navigator 7.4.

Thank you very much