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Team Coding - Subfolder Structure creates multiple checkin on TFS

Dear All

Actually I am using toad version control 12.9 with TFS. For the Subfolder Structure I have choosen the option 'Schema / Object Type / .

If I modify two tables and I perform the ‘checkin-in all’, both tables are commited to the server with the same ChangeSet and the same comment.

But, if I modify objects with different ‘Object Type’ (i.e. Table and View), and then do the ‘check-in all’, Toad will commit the data in two times (two changesets), using the same comment.

I expect, that if I do the ‘check-in -all’, all data are commited within the same changset and in multiples.

Is that a bug or is there an option to turn off this ‘behavior’?

Many thanks for your support.



Hey Marco,

Unfortunately, this is the standard behavior for Toad 12.9. While the Team Coding side of Toad was completely rewritten for Toad 12.9, the VCS integration side still contains some older code. Back in the old days, due to the way most of the older VCS providers operated, we didn’t support the ability to check in multiple files in a single revision. Once we started supporting some of the newer providers, we tried to add code to support this feature while trying to maintain compatibility with those older ones. I think this is definitely something that could be improved, though.

I’ll look into seeing what I can do to address this for the next beta version of Toad, which will be starting up shortly. In the meantime, I’m afraid the current version of Toad will only be able to combine files into a single revision if they’re within the same VCS project folder. Sorry for the inconvenience that caused.

I’ll post a follow-up when I have this addressed in the beta.

Thanks for raising this issue! It’s good feedback! :slight_smile: