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Team Coding with providers authentication using Active Directory


Hello everybody,

I’m currently using team coding 8.1 in TOAD 12.10 with the SVN provider with SVN connection svn://…
The authentication is basic using user and password located in the password file of the svn repository.

We want to have a best authentication using Active Directory, is it possible with toad to do such authentication?

What are the possibilities?
Using SVN with https connection and provide the user/password of Active Directory?
Using GIT provider ? is it possible to use GIT Provider with Active Directory authentification?

Than you very much,


Hi Sébastien,

Yes, this is possible within Toad. You’d need to configure the SVN server to use Active Directory and HTTPS. Once you do that, you’d simply need to tell Toad to use WebDAV connection with SSL encryption in the SVN configuration window and then provide your AD username and password in the login prompt within Toad and it should connect just fine.

If you wanted to use Git with Active Directory, you’d need to use a Git server that supports AD. There are a number of Git servers out there, so it would depend on which one you choose. In Toad 12.10, you’d need to handle all clone, push, and pull operations outside of Toad. Once Toad 13 is released, you will be able to perform those operations from inside Toad. You will still need to configure Git’s Credential Manager, though, to handle the authentication with the server and keep it updated when you’re required to change your passwords.

Since you already have SVN, I would guess that it would probably be easiest to enable HTTPS access and integrate your existing server with AD.



Thank you John.

Concerning SVN and GIT, I have the feeling that it’s easier to develop in PLSQL with SVN (centralized, number of revision for each source), rather than use GIT which for me seems to be more appropriate for developping with branch (no number of revision, no lock of the source so possible problem with concurrent compilation of the same object on the same database)?

Maybe I fell that because I 'm not familar with GIT, is it the feeling of other person?

Thank you,



Hey Sébastien,

It’s really a matter of personal preference. Git does have a couple of limitations within Toad:

  1. Toad doesn’t support branching and merging (since the database doesn’t support it), so you need to do all your work in the trunk (master) within Git.
  2. In Toad 12.12 and earlier, all push, pull, and clone operations need to be handled manually outside of Toad. These actions have been added in Toad 13.0; but in older versions of Toad, they need to be handled externally, which means extra steps.
    Since you already have SVN, and SVN is supported by Toad, I personally think it makes more sense to stick with your existing solution rather than try to implement a new one for the sake of implementing a new one.



Yes indeed,

Thanks John !