Teamcoding working dir

Hello list, developer

I try to set the teamcoding working dir but it never works. I use VSS.

I try to set some differ path. Some with space in dir name and also root without any sucess.

After upgread from 3.2 to 5.5.4 the working dir is the location from the ss.exe. After some changes it seems to run into the working dir set by ss itself (not sql nav) and after some more tests it works with the old location from the 3.2 version.

pls advise me to clear old setting and set the working dir to a dir what I set!

Thanks in advance

regards Dietmar

Hi Dietmar,

Thanks for raising this issue with us. However, we believe that to reproduce and investigate this problem, it will involve a lot of work done with the environment because you upgraded from a really old version of Nav. It would be best to log this issue with support. They will be better equipped to help you. :smiley:


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