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some features what are useful for slow working.
Generally I find it in actual Version 5 and then I look into version 6 (Beta).
May some problems / questions are no problems or I don’t find the answer!

  1. –> why is by a simple checkout from package checked out the spec and body.
    If this is you opinion that this is better for editing then why I get 2 times
    the messagebox for the checkout test. One time is enough! (SQLNav 5&6)

  2. –> i miss a simple shortcut for checkin checkout (SQLNav 5&6)

  3. –> i miss a simple (or any) shortcut in edit window to switch from spec to body
    (SQLNav 5&6) in version 3 exits a shotcut.

  4. –> if i search with code search and get a result I can’t reach the result via tab!
    (SQLNav 5&6)

  5. –> if I within the result I can move to the next result with up and low but if i
    use enter I start the search again instead (in my opinion) switch to the edit window
    from this obj.(SQLNav 5&6)

  6. –> if i search with code search and get a result I do follow. Click into the first
    result. Do the search in the edit window with the same search criteria again. I run
    to the exact position. If I go to the searchresult back and klick into the next result
    I get the next edit window. If the window is looked through TeamCoding and I unlock it
    the focus is on the same position but not useable. If I hit F3 nothing happen. If
    I do the F3 before I unlock the obj then the focus is usable! (only SQLNav5)

  7. –> a feature what I miss is. (Known from my java IDE (Netbeans)). If I try to edit
    in a teamCoding locked object I get the message that i have to unlock it first and
    then edit.(only SQLNav5)

  8. –> when I delete a object from the treeview then the focus is lost within the treeview
    I expect it on the next obj after the delete obj.(only SQLNav5)

  9. –> Missing option on the right mouse click for teamcoding (SQLNav 5&6)

regards Dietmar

  1. The body and the spec are treated as two separate files, which is why there are two prompts. While we were investigating this, we found several problems with the team coding workflows, so thanks for pointing us here!!

  2. What shortcut would you like us to use ?

  3. Good point… we will ad a shortcut to navigate between the sub-tabs (I thought that we had this, but we don’t).

  4. Good point… we will have to provide keyboard navigation to get from the top section of the form to the results section.

  5. Yes, I agree with your logic… the search button should not keep the focus when you are in the results area.

  6. We’re a little confused here Dietmar… can you please give detailed steps of exactly what you are clicking on (screen shots would be good too)… and outline the results you are getting… along with what results you think you should be getting.

  7. Agree… this would be a good enhancement.

  8. Good point… we will fix this so that the focus stays in the tree after deleting an object.

  9. Which context menu are you referring to Dietmar?
    There is a right click option for ‘Team Coding’ over the tree, but not over the SQL editor.
    Where are you right clicking and expecting the ‘TC’ options ?

  • Jaime -