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TeraData Error

I hit the period waiting for the tables / views to pop up and received this error.


It looks like you use ODBC connection for the Teradata connection.

We created a native Teradata provider that is much faster and provides more functionality. To use the native provider you have to download .Net Data Provider for Teradata from Teradata web site…/net-data-provider-for-teradata.



I have Teradata ODBC install on my system already. However, if you can provide me with the install instructions on how to use this using Data Point, I certainly will take a look at it. I then can compare how I have it setup to what you suggest. Just to double check myself.

You have to install .Net Data Provider for Teradata not ODBC.

After you installed the .Net Provider open Create New Connection window and select Teradata from drop down menu, after that you provide standard connection information.



When you right, you’re right! This was not setup correctly in my system. It is now thanks to you! Thank you.