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Teradata (.Net) Explain Plan Does Not Recognize Volatile Tables

Toad Version: Beta
Connection: Teradata .Net

Just as the title says. When running an explain plan on query involving a volatile table, I receive the error message “[TableName] does not exist.” It works fine using ODBC.

Volatile table exists and is visible only in a session where it was created.
Right now TDP executes Explain command behind the scene and it uses a different connection. That’s why you get this error.
Unfortunately right now TDP does not support direct execution of Teradata’s EXPLAIN command from SQL editor which would help you.
There is enhancement CR 108919 about this and it’s targeted for TDP 3.5

I just installed the 3.5 beta and EXPLAIN still does not work for Teradata .Net connections. Is this still slated to be fixed in this release? I am currently having to run Teradata Studio while I work in TDP to explain SQL.

This is still not fixed in the latest beta -

Could this please get fixed in 3.6? EXPLAIN is still not working in the new 3.6 beta. This defect is over a year old now and has already missed the 3.5 target.

I have scheduled this for next month. We had to get a parser change to support this and this was more work than was expected. Please refer to this issue as QAT-1477 as we gave changed our tracking system.

Here is an update. The parser change will not make it in time for the TDP 3.6 release. We can make the change as soon as we get the new parser. So it will probably be in the first part of the TDP 3.7 release. This also goes for the Locking modifier issue.