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Teradata row fetch speed very slow

One of my users is having an issue with TOAD 3.6 and Teradata. It was working fine and then all of a sudden queries are taking forever to execute in Toad and downloading results will be extremely slow. I’ve tried resetting his TOAD profile and comparing connection details and nothing seems “off”. When we use Teradata SQL Assistant on same computer and connection the results download very fast.

I’ve also found a recommendation elsewhere on the forum to enable “Use Non-X views in Object Explorer” but that appears to be more for connecting faster and not changing the row-fetch speed.

Any ideas? It’s a head scratcher for sure.

You are right the enabling/disabling “Use Non-X views” does not affect queries execution.

What is the version of Teradata ADO.Net client and Teradata database?

Also you could try cleaning a temp folder at C:\Users\USER_NAME\AppData\Local\Temp. TDP uses the folder for caching query results. You could try to install a new version of TDP. You should not uninstall the old one. Different versions of TDP can be installed side by side.