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Test a package based stored procedure for scalability?


How can you test a stored procedure for scalability when the procedure is in a package?

By default BF only allows you select procedures that are not held in packages.


Unfortunately you can’t import a function from a package to test for scalability using the BMF wizard. You can still test the function for scalability by creating a custom load scenario, select scalability test, select Add SQL Statement, select Create a SQL Statement and type in the function you would like to test, and then complete the wizard. So for example you can test the DBMS_OUTPUT.put_line function by;

SYS.DBMS_OUTPUT.PUT_LINE ( ‘This is a test line’ );

You could also use BFScripts functions to randomize the data like;


Another way is if you are using Toad for Oracle, you can select “Test Performance” from the right click menu when you have the package you want to test selected.


Ok, thanks.