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Test Builder ERs


Just a two really small changes I’d like to see in Test Builder.

  • When I open Test Builder for an allready existing package, it creates automatically a new test case for one of the programs (I think it’s the first one alphabetically). Since there can be quite few programs in one package, there is really a very little chance that I want to add a test case for that particular program. I might not even want to add a test case, but edit some existing ones (it is now possible with TB too). So I think TB shouldn’t create a new test case if it’s opened for an existing unit test.

  • The hints/tooltips of the Outcome area show up with 0 delay! Please change this, very annoying. I tried to uncheck “Show Hints” in the preferences, and the other hints went away, but the 0 delay hints of the Outcome area stayed (so it’s a bug too actually).


Excellent feedback…

  1. We have fixed this for the commercial release (available within a month!). We only create a “starter” TC under limited circumstances, when it makes sense.

  2. I have noticed this, too, and found it annoying. I will put it in the ER list.