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Test cases - change icon when inactive


I will often stop running a test after I’m long past that development phase. I’d like that test’s icon to look a bit different, so I know which are active.

Maybe use the same icon, but lighter (as in faded out)? Or change the background color from tan to gray?




I will be happy to add this to our ER list. But could you explain a bit further. Do you want, for example, to be able to right click and specify “Done with this for now” ?

Currently in the Test Editor, you can specify that a test definition is Stable rather than under development, and by doing so, we will not regenerate the test package even if other settings indicate that should be done. This is probably going to give you what you need, but we SHOULD show that status in the Dashboard.

Thanks, SF



I’m talking in the Editor window, where you see the list of unit tests. I can walk down that list and uncheck the Active property for the unit tests I don’t want to run at the moment. And when I do that, I’d like to see the icon for that unit test change, so I know it’s inactive.

To make that functionality even more useful, I’d love to see a menu option to set all the unit tests Active again. Make sense? You build your set of tests, know that some code parts aren’t changing anymore, so you make them inactive to stop testing those parts (for speed). But before you roll it all out to system testing, you make them active run them all again.