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Test data manager


I created a test data with two field in test data manager.

Below is the query(test_qry)

select work_no,version from po_versions where work_no=20309681.

when I want to used this work_no in inpur paramter what should i specify .

I tried speficying as test_qry.work_no in expression for input variable. But it is not working for me.

Is there anything I am doing wrong.

Can any one from code testing team help me out here.





From the documentation, chapter Creating New Test Data Groups:

To create a new test data group

  1. … Please note that you can only retrieve a single value in this query. We do not yet support groups of tuples that align with the multiple arguments of your program.
    Your query does not match the requirements. When you select only one column, i.e. work_no in your case, to satisfy the requirements, you can specify the query results as multiple values for your input parameter. Please see the picture:

Test Data Manager usage.png

The test then will go through all the query results and examines results for each input value.