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Test Editor > System Output


In the Test Editor there is a tab for “System output”. Does anyone know what this does and how it operates?

I can’t find any info about it but I was hoping that the dbms_output buffer may end up here after I’ve run my tests.





Thanks for pointing this out. Actually the System Output tab should be REMOVED from the Test Editor. You can view system output from your program run from the Results Viewer.



OK. Cheers.

In the Test Viewer where exactly does the System Output appear? I’ve got a couple of dbms_output lines in my code being tested but can’t see them anywhere in the Test Viewer. I’ve been looking at the System Events tab because I saw the dbms_output in the legend but my output does not appear there. Any ideas?



It should show up in the System Events tab. You will see a SystemOutput line in the tree under your program. Click on it and below inthe Properties form you will see the output. We need to change this abit, though, the system output should probably be in a separate windowentirely.