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Test results in DBMS_OUTPUT


I’ve found a nice undocumented feature of the 1.5 beta. In the properties of a unit test there is a combo box labeled “Test engine”. By default it’s set to QuestCodeTesterOracle, but you can set it to DBMS_OUTPUT too! If you generate the test code with this setting, the test will write its results to the system output. You can run the test from the PL/SQL API, and see the results without the GUI. It also means that when you run it with the GUI, you won’t get the nice tree structure of the results. This is very-very cool. I was about to ask for this when I found it .

Here are a few enchantment requests regarding this feature.

  • A “Test engine” mode where if I run the test from the GUI I get the usual nice tree-structure output, but if I run it from PL/SQL I get the results in DBMS_OUTPUT.

  • Set the default “Test engine” in the QCT preferences, so when I create a new unit test, it will be set to that value.

  • A setting for the DBMS_OUTPUT report: “Verbose Y/N”. It’d be similar to the “Show only failures” option of the GUI. Verbose is the current. If it’s set to No, only the failures would be reported. If there are no failures, a single line saying “All tests successful” or something like that.


I am glad you like that.

Actually, I am very impressed to hear that it still works. I must admit that we built that into Code Tester a long time ago, and did not QA it for the commercial release.

I will add your ideas to the ER list!




I wasn’t keeping current with QCT in the last half year or so. Did any of the above features made into the current commercial release or the next one (current beta)?