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Testing a direct insert without a procedure?


I have what seems like a fairly basic scenario that I cannot find a way to test in Code Tester. I would like to do a basic insert statement and test the results - but not by using a specific procedure that does the insert. Because of the way our triggers / packages are designed, I want to let the database call them as it would in reality. The triggers wrap up the data nicely and call the package to do the work.

So I need to “skip” the “Program Selector” window and move right on to set up my insert statement directly, the test the outcomes. Is this possible? Thanks.


Today, you must create a procedure to “host” your insert. You can then build a test definition around that insert.

Over time (it’s already on our ER list), we will make it possible to test SQL statements and therefore triggers directly.

So…you have to do a little bit of extra work now, but hopefully it will not be too burdensome.