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testing a global temporary table


The procedure that i want to test inserts records into a global temporary table. But however the comparison fails with the copy global table. Because my table is emptied because of its nature after the commit. By the way i had to commented out the statements “PRAGMA AUTONOMOUS_TRANSACTION”. Otherwise it was giving ora - 14450 error.

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DROP TABLE testi purge;





INSERT INTO testi values(2);



1). Can you tell me version of Code Tester?
2). ORA-14450 ! I cannot get this error (see pragma.png)
3). Test failed? Can you tell me more about your procedure?
Example: I have a small test case and interesting to know your test procedure
CREATE TABLE testi(col1 number); INSERT INTO testi values(1);COMMIT; Thanks for your help



  1. It is (Trial 158-03790)
  2. When i want to check contents of global temporary table, i create an outcome using the wizard with the option “Table or View” and then select the table and then compare the tested result with the option “To a global temporary table copy…”. But I get this error ora-14450 alltough i do not customize it.
  3. I have a procedure inserting records into a global temporary table named tt_xxx. You know because of its nature its emptied after an rollback or commit. So i want to check its results with the way which i mentioned above in item2. But i had to remove statements “PRAGMA AUTONOMOUS_TRANSACTION;” to avoid the error ora-14450. So after i run the test it fails. And says that the expected table contains 5 records but the table tt_xxx contains 0 records. I think this is because of the rollback of profiling just after the procedure calling.

Thanks for your help.

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I will try and give you update on this




Danny asked me to take a look at your situation, and I must admit it is a bit hard to sort out your problem. When I create a test definition that compares a table to a global temp table - no errors.

So I think that it would be most helpful if you either posted on this blog or sent to me,, an export of your test definition along with at least the signature of the program unit being tested.

Thanks, SF